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Living life with a big booty

-“Baby Got Back” or “Bubble Butt” or any other rear themed song makes people think of you
-Twerking can be one of your iconic dance moves
-A comment about the size or shape of your butt is not uncommon
-people can not resist touching, smacking or squeezing your butt
-you know pants aren’t going to fit if they don’t get past your butt
-you can’t help it if a skirt/dress is higher in the back
-booty shorts are literally BOOTY shorts
-swimsuit bottoms can be your worst enemy, or your best friend depending on the style
-you get the most comments with yoga pants on
-“How is your ass so big?”
-when you bend over you’ll occasionally hear “DAMN”
-stadium seating doesn’t hurt as much because you have a built in cushion
-your butt can be used as a flotation device
-sitting for long periods of time does not affect you as much as others